Build a Bridge and Join the #PengyouDay Movement!

Tomorrow is Pengyou Day, November 16, 2017! Participate in this incredible National Movement! “Pengyou (朋友)”, meaning friend, is a magnificent collaboration between Chinese and US organizations and societies to inspire, support and celebrate Chinese and US studies, engagement and friendship. This campaign, through a platform of personal exchanges, national events, and social media provides an opportunity to encourage awareness and acceptance of our wonderful and distinct cultures. Some ways to promote and partner in this movement with neighbors, communities and friends near and far:

Post a picture with Chinese and American friends on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Include “Happy #PengyouDay #projectpengyou #IEW2017.”

Teach the word 朋友 or other Chinese words, phrases, poems or songs to friends, neighbors, teachers or acquaintances.

Engage or start a conversation, story or anecdote with a new friend. Perhaps share stories of your recent travels to China or an experience you have had sharing in the cultures.

Attend an event promoting this national movement and participate in some thoughtful conversation. Learn about your local chapters, outreaches or gatherings or just a meet and greet.

Share our Jericho High School’s engagement in Chinese History and culture through

Explore and Embrace US and Chinese cultures and relations with young minds, thinkers and leaders. Join the Movement!

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  1. Pratim

    I think that the Peng You movement is a good idea because sharing cultures is one of the most important things you can do. I learned how to participate in the PengyouDay movement and what it is.

  2. Alynah Ratansi

    This event sounds like so much fun. I wish I knew about it when it was November 16. I love seeing people coming together and becoming friends

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