China’s Flag

There are many interesting facts about China’s flag that show China’s history and symbolic points about the culture.

     In the modern Chinese flag, there are two colors, red and yellow. The red in the Chinese flag, in cultural perspective, is representative of the traditional ethnic color of the Han. The Han formed the majority of the country. The yellow that is represented in the stars comes into play in the Ch’ing dynasty. The various flags of China were yellow, due to the Ch’ing’s ethnic color.

     Here is some historical context: Originally, there were five different colors in the flag, that aligned in horizontal stripes. The flag consisted of red, yellow, blue in association with the Mongols, white with the TIbetans, and black with the Hui, these being the other major ethnic groups. These colors are representative of the four cardinal points plus the center. The five colors as well represent the traditional Five Classics, Five Elements, Five Rulers, and Five Virtues.

     As you can tell, in the flag there are five stars. For those of you who do not know, the number five is often characterized as a lucky number, that leads people to pursue freedom. To pursue freedom can mean a multitude of things. My idea of pursuing freedom, is to be able to do things that you want to do, feel comfortable in the world you are in, and feel as though you can tackle any obstacles that come in your way, without the risk of being endangered by others. There are many different interpretations of the symbolic meanings of the stars. One symbolic change was that the largest star was said to stand for China, and the smaller stars for the country’s many national minorities.

     The Chinese Flag is very interesting, and shows some of China’s history and development over the many years. It is very interesting to see how the Chinese incorporated their national flag into the history of their country, much like how the U.S. does with their flag.


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  1. Juliann L

    This article was very informative. The article addressed all of the different aspects of China’s current flag, such as the red color, yellow color, and the number of stars. I also liked how you connected the components of China’s flag to what it represents in its history. I learned so much!

  2. Pritesh P.

    I didn’t know most of the stuff in this article. I was surprised to see what China’s original flag looked like. I thought it was cool how China incorporated their countries history into the way their flag looks. This was a great informative article. Nice job!

  3. Kelly M.

    I have always wondered why the Chinese flag turned out the way it did. This article was very informative. I didn’t know that the number 5 was lucky in the Chinese culture.

  4. Michael P.

    Very interesting! Although the first flag seems to incorporate more symbolism in it, the current Chinese flag looks more aesthetically pleasing. Keep up the great work!

  5. Nicholas Yum

    A nation’s flag is an important part of its national identity. The Chinese flag is recognizable in every corner of the world and represents China’s rich history and the people who live under it today. The Chinese, like the Americans, feel a great sense of pride for their flag. Great writing, Dylan!

  6. Jeff Bao

    Amazing article Dylan! Every nation has its own special story about their flags, but I find the
    creation of the Chinese Flag the most interesting. Great Job!

  7. Ashley Silverstein

    It was very interesting to read about this and look at the details on the flag. I have now become aware of what certain things represent on the flag and why they picked these certain colors.

  8. Caroline Strauss

    This article is very informative. It is very interesting to see how the Chinese flag has changed over time. There is a very unique history behind the Chinese flag.

  9. Alynah Ratansi

    This was a very informative and interesting article. I would’ve never known half of this if I didn’t read this. I love reading about the history of the Chinese flag and how it has evolved over time.

  10. Michael Lin

    Wow so amazing, I didn’t know all of that about the chinese flag. I am going to spread this information to all my Chinese friends now.

  11. Daryn N.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting article! I loved hearing about the Chinese flag. I know a lot about how the American flag was created, but I never knew any of the history regarding China’s flag. Keep up the great work!

  12. Herin Ahn

    I didn´t know that there were 5 different colors in the original Chinese flag. This article taught me so much about the Chinese flag.

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