China’s Great Wall

Today I am going to  share with you my experience on the Great Wall of China. Although it has been around a month and a half since I have been home from my amazing journey to China, I still think about all the amazing experiences I have made with all the wonderful people I went with.

If I had to sum up my experience on the Great Wall of China into one word, it would be “breathtaking”. From the second we arrived at the parking lot in front of the wall, we could tell that we would be in for outstanding views, learn a lot about the wall’s history, and get in a great workout. Wesley Pergament, as well as Dr. Margarita (the curriculum associate of World Languages at Jericho High School), both climbed to the top of the section that we were at. They depicted every moment as outstanding and gorgeous. Although I did not climb to the top, I was still able to take in as much as any other person. Let’s just say, you will not truly understand the enormity of the wall, and how beautiful it is, until you actually stand on it and look around. Additionally, after walking up the first bit of stairs, we could already see the vast mountain range and the other amazing scenery that was around the wall.

In addition, I took time to appreciate the amount of hardwork the people dedicated to build the wall. Those who died building this wall ended up having their bodies cremated the wall. Furthermore, the way the wall made it very challenging to walk upon. Its little fortresses every so often appearing out of nowhere, as well as the great difference in the heights between each stair was just incredible. For those of you who know her, Kelly Wang nearly died while walking down. She tripped on the steps going down a spiraling staircase, nearly falling down the mountain. I continuously shouted, “step,” to inform Kelly of when a steep step would be coming, so she wouldn’t risk falling again. Moreover, when we got back down, we started laughing about how many times I shouted step, thus showing how great the differences in the height were between each step.

I had an life changing time at the Great Wall, and I am so thankful for the experiences I made with so many of my closest friends. I am grateful for the ability I was given to travel to a country so far away!

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