Chinese New Year in the Jericho School District!

Get excited… Chinese New Year is almost here! This year, Chinese New Year occurs on Friday, February 16th, and is exceptionally special for those of us in the Jericho School District who celebrate this festive holiday, as 2018 is the first year we will be off from school in recognition of this special day. After years of deliberation, the school district has decided to alter the calendar for the 2017-18 school year to reflect the changing demographics at Jericho.

“We are so excited to have the day off to really celebrate our culture and spend time with family and embrace our heritage,” said Kristal W. and Celeste T., seniors at Jericho High School.

“It’s a nice feeling of being able to have Chinese New Year off this year. In previous years, students who stayed home to celebrate would always have to make up an entire day of schoolwork and homework, so it feels great that this year, we will be able to celebrate without any worries,” said David X., a junior at Jericho High School.

Many other Jericho students have the same sentiments as Kristal, Celeste, and David, and even students who do not celebrate Chinese New Year are grateful that the various cultures of their classmates are being appreciated.

“I think it is a good opportunity for people of various backgrounds to learn more about the Chinese culture,” said Wesley P., a sophomore at Jericho High School and Editor at The Daily China.

As a senior, I am ecstatic that I will be able to celebrate Chinese New Year fully with my family at home during my last year of high school! What about you? Let us know your thoughts and if you do or do not celebrate this holiday in the comments below! Until next time, and happy Chinese New Year! 🙂

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  1. Justin

    Yeah, I’m pretty excited about Chiense New Year as well. I’m glad the Chinese culture is being given a chance to spread diversity.

  2. Hitomi Honda

    Wow, I never really made the connection that we had that Friday before the weekend off because of Chinese New Year… I thought it had just been a coincidence! I’m so glad that we are off from school that day so that I can spend more time with my parents and grandparents! Thanks for sharing!

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