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Today I am going to be discussing a prominent province in China, which many of you may know, called Tianjin.


Tianjin is a major port city in northeastern China with a population of 7.499 million people. The name, Tianjin, means “the place where the emperor crossed the river”. This province in China attracts many visitors due to its eminent historical heritage as well as other natural resources.

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This summer I was fortunate enough to visit Tianjin. Tianjin was one of my top five favorite sites in china. It is a unique and beautiful park where people go to relax and hang out with family and friends—especially during the summer. There is a big birdcage in the middle of the park that many tourists gather around to take pictures (I was one of them). And from time to time, you get to see groups of men performing taichi in shaded areas of the park under the trees. What I noticed was that a lot of older retired grandparents would come to this park to take a stroll with their grandchildren. In my opinion, the most beautiful asset to this park would have to be the architecture of the bridges and the buildings surrounding the port.


Unfortunately, one week after I returned from China, I heard devastating news. On August 12th a series of explosions killed over one hundred people at the Port of Tianjin. The blasts took place in a warehouse at the port that contained many flammable and lethal chemicals. However, we still do not know what exactly triggered these blasts.

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Now, one month later, China is beginning nationwide nuclear safety checks because of this deadly explosion. These inspections are to last until November and will focus on the manufacturing of nuclear equipment and technology.

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Please keep the many individuals who lost their lives on August 12th in your prayers and let us hope for a fast recovery to the remarkable province of Tianjin. #prayfortianjin


I hope you found todays current events informative. Until next time!

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  1. Calvin Wang

    This aftermath could have been easily avoided if a few actions were taken before it happened. First of all, many companies in China uses illegal techniques went manufacturing goods by bribing the government regulators. In Tianjin, the apparent factory/warehouse store tons of chemical, toxic wastes. According to recent reports, the amount stored were 100x to 200x over the regulated limit. On the other hand, the firefighters in this situation were not probably trained. When confronted by burning chemical waste, firefighters shouldn’t have hosed it with water. Due to their actions, the chemical reaction led to an explosion that killed hundreds of people and felt many others homeless. However, they were not properly trained and didn’t know that the factory stored loads of chemical waste. In this situation who should we blame? The company or the firefighters?

  2. Andrew W.

    It is always difficult to see news such as these, as it is hard to imagine how the family of these victims must feel. Seeing as this has brought suffering to so many people, it was definitely wise of the government to have a nationwide nuclear safety check. My wishes goes out to those whose families have suffered from this tragedy.

  3. Nicole Li

    I have not heard of this happening. This is really unfortunate. It must difficult for the families that suffered. It is wise for the government to check. Hope they have a fast recovery!

  4. Andy F.

    Sincere hope that the TianJIng people could get out of the suffur as long as possible. Let’s pray for those innocent life.

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