Dim Sum Guide (Part I)

Dim sum is a unique Chinese style of cooking where food is usually served as small, bite-sized portions.  The food is usually presented in steam baskets.  I know when I go eat Dim Sum, I like to try everything!  Here are some of the most popular Dim Sum dishes:


  1. Shrimp Dumplings- These are nearly transparent starch dumplings filled with shrimp and sometimes pork and bamboo.


  1. Pork Siu Mai- These are open-top dumplings completely filled with pork and/or shrimp. There may also be vegetables included as well.  Definitely a must have when eating Dim Sum. 

  1. Noodle Rolls- These are thin, slippery rice noodles filled with beef, shrimp, pork, mushrooms, or vegetables.


  1. Fried Sticky Rice- This is definitely my favorite dim sum dish of all time. This is sticky rice mixed with shrimp vegetables, and sometime pork. 

  1. Sticky Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf- This is rice with pork, chicken, and mushrooms wrapped in a lotus leaf. Don’t eat the lotus leaf.  Unwrap using utensils. 

These are just some of the large variety of dim sum dishes there are to eat in a traditional Dim Sum restaurant.  Stay tuned for Part II on the Dim Sum Guide.  Until next time, 再见!








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  1. Richard R

    Great article outlining the great foods available in dim sum. Sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf looked especially yummy, and I’ll be sure to try that next time I go to dim sum.

  2. Kaydence

    All these foods look delicious, especially the noodle rolls and the fried sticky rice. I didn’t know that the leaf the chefs wrap around the sticky rice is lotus.

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