Dim Sum Guide (Part III)

Dim sum is a unique Chinese style of cooking where food is usually served as small, bite-sized portions.  The food is usually presented in steam baskets.  I know when I go eat Dim Sum, I like to try everything!  Here are some more of the most popular desserts seen at most Dim Sum restaurants:


1. Egg Custard

This is by far my favorite Dim Sum dish of all time!! It’s a pastry crust filled with egg custard.  It is so delicious! You can’t eat at a Dim Sum restaurants without trying this dish!!


2. Sponge Cake

Sometimes referred to as Malaysian Sponge Cake, this cake is simple, yet tasty!  It is a cake made with eggs, flour, and sugar.


3. Fried Sesame Balls

Another tasty dessert made to be stretchy and chewy balls of dough that are fried, covered in sesame seeds, and stuffed with a rich red bean paste.

These are just some of the many different desserts you will find in a Dim Sum restaurant.  I hope you enjoyed the Dim Sum Guide series! Until next time, 再见!


Also, if you want to know the proper etiquette when eating in a Dim Sum restaurant, check out Maya’s article:








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  1. Caroline Strauss

    I love going for dim sum so I found this article very useful! I will definitely use this when I go next. I have never tried the fried sesame balls but they sound really good!

  2. Daryn N

    So interesting! I loved reading this article and I was actually surprised as to how many of these I had tried before. I remember specifically eating the egg custard during my time in China and I loved it!! Amazing job on this article.

  3. Nikki Brotter

    I love eating dim sum, so it was really cool to read about something I love! I love the desserts so much and am so happy I know more about them.

  4. Ashley Silverstein

    These desserts sound delicious! I would love to try them all one time when I get to a dim sum restaurant. I think the egg custard would be my favorite!

  5. Spencer Gordon

    Wow I didn’t know that there that there was so much to Dim Sum which seemed like such a simple cuisine. Including all kinds of food like meals and desserts.

  6. Alynah Ratansi

    These small portion desserts look and sound absolutely amazing. Next time I go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant I will make sure to try the egg custard because I love custards.

  7. Rona Cao

    哇啊啊 这三个都是我爱吃的!Even though I rarely go out to eat Dim Sum, I love getting egg custards from bakeries in Flushing. They’re so yummy!

  8. Meghna S

    When I go to eat Dim Sum, I usually do not focus on the desserts. I have tried some of these desserts before when I went to China, and this article helped me to remember fun times with my host family. The next time I go to eat Dim Sum, I will surely have these three desserts on my mind.

  9. Michael Lin

    Dim Sum is one of my favorite chinese food, I like that it is a bonding experience for friends and family. The egg custard is one of the best chinese desserts ever, I really enjoy the creamy custard. I don’t enjoy the sponge cake as much, but I do enjoy the sesame ball when eating dim sum.

  10. Joanna

    This article was very interesting to me, as I wasn’t really aware there were all these different deserts offered at Dim Sum restaurants. It’s intriguing to keep learning about all different aspects of Chinese food and culture. I’ll be sure to try one of these dishes next time I’m eating Dim Sum.

  11. Jake Moreh

    Wow this is a very interesting article. I’ve only been to dim sum a few times, and I rarely focus on the selections they provide for dessert. I am definitely going to try some of these desserts the next time a go to a dim sum restaurant. The egg custard looks delicious.

  12. Gordon W

    This article was very helpful because sometimes when I eat dim sum I don’t know whats in the food but this article showed me that

  13. Jeffrey Z.

    I always enjoy a good dim sum meal. I can’t believe I haven’t tried the fried sesame balls yet. I agree that the egg custard are one of the best things to eat there.

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