The Daily China, founded in 2015, was established to provide you–the student body culture–with a fresh and novel way to enhance your worldly interests and bilingual communication skills. We have built a team of sophisticated and extroverted individuals to provide YOU with first-hand accounts of stories, experiences, and vocabulary put to use in real environments across the United States and China.

Published by the 100,000 Strong Foundation, the Asia Society’s Language Matters newsletter, and the JerEchoThe Daily China stands as a reputable and renowned source of Chinese academia. Our past Editor-in-Chief, Cole Pergament, was selected to be the 100K Strong Student Ambassador of the Month in March, 2015 for his dedication to this publication and to the Chinese language.

We’re funny, we’re very entertaining, and we’re free, distributed to each and every student around the globe (even in Xi’an China of the Shaanxi province)!

This website is very versatile: you can read articles about ancient history, the Chinese language, pop culture, and even anecdotes from your peers at high school.

Anyway, that’s The Daily China in a nutshell. Enjoy your stay, and do your best to make the world a better place today!

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