Great Chinese Classic: 水浒传 (Water Margin)

In Chinese history, there are four classical Chinese novels. They are regarded to be the most influential and well-written Chinese works of literature. Today, we will be discussing 水浒传, also known as Water Margin!

水浒传 – Water Margin
Water Margin, also known as The Outlaws of the Marsh, is a historical fiction story about the 108 outlaws during the Song dynasty. The work takes place on Mount Liang, were 105 men and three women rose up in rebellion against the corrupt officials of the Song dynasty. The officials sent in the Imperial army to try to defeat the tyrants. However, under the rule of Song Jiang, the rebels defeated the Imperial army. For defeating the army, the Song officials sent in the rebels to attack Fang La. Unfortunately, the rebels lost the battle.
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