Great Chinese Classic Part III: 西游记 (Journey to the West)

Journey to the West is a novel that you have probably heard about before… but do you know what it’s about? Read on to find out!
西游记 – Journey to the West
In Journey to the West, Buddha has hidden sacred scriptures, those of which can only be found by someone who is worthy. A Buddhist monk, Xuanzang, sets out to find these scriptures. He travels along the Silk Road and finds the “Monkey King,” Sun Wukong. Along the way, the two fight monsters, evil spirits, and all sorts of danger. After returning with the texts, Xuanzang and Su Waking are rewarded with enlightenment.

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  1. Nicholas Y.

    Cool article, Maya! Journey to the West sounds like a great novel to read. I will definitely consider it. Thanks for writing this article!

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