It’s Not Ugly… It’s Green!

Did you know that hanging clothes in the open is illegal in the United States? On the contrary, it is considered a norm in China, where the majority of the residents don’t even own a dryer at home. It is reported that 1.3 billion people believe in this old tradition and feel that nature is superior and is more reliable than the modern technology we have today. A saleswoman for Haier washing machines, named Zhao Na, even said that their factory had stopped the production of dryers as they were considered to be unnecessary. People also thought that it was too expensive and not worth the price. With their newly washed clothing hanging from metal poles horizontally sticking out the window, they could dry their clothes for free using natural energy, rather than using energy and wasting fossil fuels.

At the same time, there are also many added benefits of taking advantage of the solar energy. Of course, one of the advantages of using sunlight is that it saves energy and fossil fuels, like said earlier in the article. This, in turn, leads to a decrease air pollution, which has been a serious problem over the years. Furthermore, sunlight actually kills the bacteria living on the clothing, allowing the material to last longer and reduces wear and tear.

While many know that this is an attempt to go green, there are many others who believe that this tradition is an “eyesore” and should not be allowed. For instance, government officials in Shanghai are attempting to clean up the mess as they are striving for a sleeker appearance. They went as far as issuing an edict against line drying clothing outside balconies before the Shanghai World Expo as it seemed so “unsightly”. Also, there are some who find that the hanging clothes brings down the property value and makes the entire community look bad.

While we may appreciate this go green effort, please keep in mind that this is illegal in the U.S.!


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  1. Joanne Li

    I had no idea that it was illegal to hang clothes in the US! When I think back to my visit to China, I remember seeing a lot of clotheslines. Great job!!

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