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     Hello to all! Hope you are having a nice winter. Thank you to everyone who has been looking at our page and reading our articles. Our team has been working tirelessly to provide YOU with interesting content about Chinese culture.

     Starting this new year, The Daily China will be partnering with a school in China called the Xi’an Middle School of the Shaanxi Province. Through this partnership, we will be sharing articles about environmental sustainability and protection. These articles will range from different topics including new technology, recycling, eco-friendly ways you can go about living your day-to-day life, the current state of the environment in both China and the United States, and so much more. We will also be sharing many pictures from both sides to get a full perspective.

Stay tuned for more and have a wonderful day!


Happy holidays,

Wesley Pergament – Editor

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  1. Ashley Silverstein

    This is so cool that we can view different viewpoints from Jericho and the Xi’ an Middle School. I am very excited to learn about the culture there and the differences compared to Jericho. I can’t wait to see all the great pictures and learn about the fascinating information about China from the people living in China.

  2. Alynah Ratansi

    This is extremely thoughtful. Being able to communicate with the Xi’an Middle School and hearing their perspectives on the different topics should be very interesting. Can’t wait to hear more in another article.

  3. Yiqi Niu


  4. Chelsea Bai


  5. Serin A.


  6. Jeffrey Z

    Can’t wait to read the articles by Xi’an Middle School students. I know their articles will be just as interesting as the current ones. Keep up the great work!

  7. Joy Chang


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