Our Trip to China

Recently, Jericho’s Chinese III class traveled to China. This past month, my friends and I spent 10 days in China. A week and a half might not sound like a lot, but when you consider that we traversed the Great Wall, visited the ancient Terracotta Warriors, walked through the Forbidden City, and literally lived in a place with so much life… I’d say it was a 10 days well spent. The fact that we truly immersed in a culture that has been around for so long, and had a journey that I’m sure we will never forget, is truly remarkable. We made so many wonderful memories and, below, are some highlights. Get watching and have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Music: 前進樂團 Dui Bu Qi 對不起我的中文不好

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  1. Juliann L

    The video you made beautifully captures your trip to China. I like how you incorporated many different videos into one. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and experienced many new things. I’m so glad you really enjoyed your trip to China!

  2. Kelly M.

    Wonderful video! Love the music choice XD. It seems like you all had a great time in China and learned a lot about the Chinese culture.

  3. Jason S.

    Great video Avery! I especially loved the music and the great editing. I think it was a great way to highlight your trip to China! Great job!

  4. Matthew Lecher

    I was so incredibly grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to China, and each day, I look back at some of the amazing experiences we shared. Avery, you made a professional-grade video and thank you for showing our trip’s best moments with Jericho High School and the world.

  5. Logan C

    What a great video Avery. It truly captures the essence of your trip to China and it seems like you guys had a wonderful time!

  6. Emily

    What a beautiful video, capturing and reliving all of the cherished moments in China. This brings back so many memories. T_T It was definitely 10 well spent days.

  7. Dylan Swickle

    WOW Avery!! Thanks so much for this amazing video!! I had an amazing time with you in China. We made so many amazing memories together with everyone else and so many jokes like, 太好了,tank u, and I’m gonna shut it down. Thanks for making this video that we can keep to commemorate the trip and all the fun that we had!!

  8. Kelly Wang

    Thank you for a great video, Avery! This compilation of our memories in China really takes me back, as if the emotions are still fresh. Not only me, but everyone else, too. Thank you again!

  9. Tiffany C.

    Great job on the video! I’m glad you had fun in China. It seems like a very unique and educational experience. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Pritesh P.

    Nice video Avery! In my opinion this video really captures how beautiful China is. It really looks like you had fun. Keep up the great work!

  11. Nicholas Yum

    Great work, Avery! Watching this video makes me wish I would have went on the trip! In those ten days, you guys must’ve experienced so much of China and its culture. I hope you had lots of fun!

  12. Preethi S.

    Awesome video Avery!! I like how you incorporated the funny videos in your film. It seems like you all had a wonderful and fun experience in China. I’m so glad you all really enjoyed the trip.

  13. Larry D.

    Amazing video! It really captured the essence of the trip while including hilarious moments like Matthew Lecher’s dab. It was both funny and interesting. Great edits!

  14. Amy Sheen

    This video was very fun to watch and I could really tell of the great time everyone had in China. There was a lot of cool pictures and sights of China.

  15. Michael P.

    Great video Avery. It had a wonderful indie feel and made me smile numerous times. I even liked the background music. I think your videos will be a great addition to The Daily China. Keep up the great work!

  16. Wesley Pergament

    Thank you so much for making such an amazing video. It was a great experience going with you, and I hope to go back again some time soon!

  17. Yihui S.


  18. Boshu

    It have been a long time since I left China. What you recourded let me miss my home so much. I hope next time I will go to China with you!

  19. Jeff Bao

    Amazing video Avery! It seems that you had a similar experience as me when I went to China for the first time! Overall, Great work!

  20. Herin Ahn

    Your video is so cool! I love how you recorded all these various kinds of things you experienced in China. I want to go to China someday!

  21. Serin A.


  22. Cali Liu


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