Second Annual Eggroll and Dumpling Day!

This past week, Jericho High School’s Chinese II classes went to the second annual Eggroll Dumpling Day held at Massapequa High School. It was so great to see that there are many other schools across Long Island that offer Chinese as a foreign language. The day started with a series of performances given by all the schools. Jericho performed a Tang poetry recital, a speech about an experience in Xi’An, and a reenactment of a Chinese dating show! In this dating show, families (students) would interview other families and choose a suitor for their “child.” Everybody had a great time practicing and performing this act.

Some of the highlights from other schools’ performances were a shadow puppet show, Chinese yo yo, and a parasol dance! Finally, all of the students participated in a Chinese-themed Kahoot game! After the show, we all went to the cafeteria for egg rolls (蛋卷) and dumplings (饺子). It was great to meet people from other schools who also learned Chinese! It was also great to see that many students enjoyed taking Chinese and plan to continue taking Chinese for many more years! This experience has made me love and appreciate Chinese even more, and I hope that Jericho continues to participate in Eggroll Dumpling Day! 再见!

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  1. Caroline Chen

    I still remember when I performed Chinese Sign Language for the poem “Farewell Cambridge” with Jack and danced to “Little Apple!” Time flies! I hope you enjoyed your first Eggroll and Dumpling Day! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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