Terracotta Soldiers

Going to China was an amazing experience that I still cannot seem to get over. When we traveled to 西安(Xi’An), we took a day trip to the Terracotta Soldier park, and what an amazing experience it was. The Terracotta soldiers were a group of soldiers made out of stone, in which not one looked alike. Here I will share with you some of the photos I took, as well as some of my experiences seeing the soldiers and the history of the soldiers!

History: The soldiers were first found by a peasant farmer by the name Yan Peiyang, while digging in a well. As they were digging in the well, they found the remnants of a pottery piece and further down a pottery piece forming a chest of a body. After some time had past, archaeologists went to the site, in which they had found soldiers and horses, which happened to belong to Qin Shihuang’s mausoleum. As the archaeologists started digging, they found three pits of soldiers, whose bodies were all destroyed into little bits. For years upon years, and possibly hundreds of more years to come, archaeologists will be trying to piece together the bodies of the soldiers, with the hope of piecing together and recreating the entire army that there once was.Experiences: As soon as I walked into the first pit of soldiers, I was mesmerized by all of the soldiers that were depicted in the alleys that were dug up, but yet there are still so many soldiers still needed to be pieced back together. As we moved down the walkway to the other side of the building, which was a long walk away, I was so impressed by the amount of work these archaeologists had put into recreating these soldiers. On the other side of the building, you were actually able to see archaeologists using protractors and other tools to piece each individual piece together, a project that would take many more years! This was only the first building, as we entered the next building, to my surprise there was less in it. In this building, there were about four small alleys of soldiers and horses, but in total, not all that much. Finally, in the third building, there were almost no visible soldiers. In addition, there was an immense amount of sand hills everywhere. The time I spent there was a truly amazing experience, and I hope that everyone has a chance to visit the Terracotta Soldier Army Park! Until next time!



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  1. Derek Zhang

    I am slowly understand Chinese culture is not merely about the silk road, but also there is The Terracotta Army. The army is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.

  2. Dillon J

    Wow! I didn’t know that there were so many of the soldiers. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to make each individual soldier.

  3. Nikki Woldar

    After reading this article, I learned that the terracotta soldiers were first found by a farmer. It is amazing that one day, a man just found hundreds of bodies and body parts made out of stone. I find it very fascinating.

  4. Gordon W

    This is amazing. I can’t believe that they were found so long ago and that there are still soldiers left to be put together. I also did not know they were found by a farmer in a well.

  5. Nathan Davis

    Although I have never visited China, I have always wanted to see the Terracotta soldiers. I think the history behind them is so fascinating and I have always wanted to learn more. I think it is so cool that you could actually see the archeologists digging up more soldiers.

  6. Chelsea Bai

    西安一直是一座古城,里面最有代表性的就是 兵马俑了, 这篇文章详细地介绍了兵马俑的历史以及由来,我非常喜欢这篇文章,这篇文章使我更加想去西安旅游,并且亲自感受一下壮观的兵马俑

  7. Emily Kweit

    Your article reminded me of when I went to see the Terracotta Soldiers! I think you described it well and gave other people a good mental image of what it was like.

  8. Ashley Silverstein

    This article taught me a lot of information about the Terracotta soldiers. I learned that Yan Peiyang was the first person to find the soldiers. Great article and great pictureS!

  9. Jake Moreh

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article with me. When I went to China last year, it was amazing to see the Terracotta Soldiers up and close. Every single soldier was different, and that is what makes it so amazing.

  10. Ashley Lu

    This article taught me a lot of new things I don’t know about. it is amazing that after these years the soldiers are preserved well

  11. Pratim Chowdhary

    I thought that this article was very well written and the description made the reader feel as if they were at the site of the Terracotta warriors. From this article I learned that there are still many more Terracotta warrior being pieced together.

  12. Jeff Qasemi

    Imagine, just one day digging a well and then you see a piece of clay armor. I’d be extremely surprised and from an archaeological perspective, it may have been exhilarating. Such a site with so much history mean so much. these soldiers are a sign of great capabilities, even at the very beginning of Chinese culture.

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