Thank Goodness It’s Only a Special Effect!

About a month ago, a video of a man (who turned out to be a tour guide) went viral in China and around the world. What did he do? One may ask. He was walking on a bridge that was suspended around 3871 feet above ground. Well, it was not merely the fact that the skywalk was assembled so high up on the Taihang Mountains. Nor was it that the valley can be seen when casting a glance downwards. It was because the glass pane actually starts cracking from your weight as you walk by! Can you imagine how your heart could skip a beat had you not known about this special effect prior to stepping on this bridge?

This bridge, named the Coiling Dragon Cliff, is one of China’s and maybe even the world’s scariest bridges. First of all, the skywalk is only barely five feet wide, making it hard not to be terrified as the journey continues. Second, the path is around one and a half miles long, which can be both tiring and exhausting, considering the width and the fear! Last but not least, the floor underneath shatters into pieces as people step on it! Not only is there a realistic visual, there is also audio! Of course, the bridge does not actually break; it is just a special effect that adds to the uniqueness and the originality of this frightening yet fascinating experience! It is also interesting to note that the builder’s intentions was to prank the tourists and watch their reactions!

To ensure the safety and pacify the alarmed minds of the tourists, the management made sure that workers check the bridge and glass panels on a daily basis.  In addition, the administration issued an official statement to reinforce that the cracking glass was only an effect and was just used to be “provocative” in some parts of the bridge. The bridge had also gone through a rigorous tests for its security.  For instance, a two-ton SUV was driven through it and volunteers were asked to smash the glass panels with mallets.

Now that you have been warned, I am sure that your nervousness to walk this bridge will be decreased significantly.  After all… it’s only a special effect!  Don’t forget to share your experience if you have a chance to step foot on this fascinating bridge on the other side of the globe!



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  1. Wesley Pergament

    I always believed it is good to face your fears, but this special effect really adds an interesting twist. Maybe I will walk across this bridge one day!

  2. Sabrina Pan

    I have been to one of these bridges in China and it was very fun but scary. I will consider going on this bridge next time!

  3. Justin Cui

    Now THAT’S scary! Thank goodness it was just special effects. Though I would like to go there and conquer this bridge one day. An amazing bridge and I wonder how they made it!

  4. Ashley Silverstein

    I never heard of this! The glass panels is so cool. So amazing and so cool these special effects can do this. I wold love to go here one day!

  5. Jeff Qasemi

    I find this pretty humorous, imagine being with your group and all of a sudden one of the group members beginning to scream. It may originally scary but, then it’ll funny realizing its just an special effect on the glass.

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