The Significance of the Panda

       In the news, there has been a big fuss regarding the panda. From pandas being close to extinction to the birth of baby pandas, if you pay attention to the media, you are bound to hear about the pandas. Pandas are becoming more and more prominent, as they have been used in movies as well as being the mascot during the Olympics. Why are pandas so important you may ask? Pandas have become a symbol of China and they are really significant to the Chinese culture. From the eyes of the Chinese people, pandas are like warriors because of the qualities they possess. Pandas are able to find food for themselves, climb trees, and withstand extremely cold temperatures. It has even been said that pandas are as strong as tigers. This proves that they are tough, like warriors, and China wants to be seen in that way as well. In addition to symbolizing strength, the panda also symbolizes peace and friendship because they have a gentle temperament and aren’t known for attacking others. Also, the black and white color of the panda is seen as the physical representation of Yin and Yang, and how the balance between these two bring about harmony and peace. Furthermore, pandas are significant to the Chinese people because they are seen as neighbors, since both Chinese people and pandas resided in China in the early ages of time. Many works of literature include the panda. This animal is also believed to have powers to combat evil spirits. Therefore, news of pandas being born is really exciting for the Chinese because the panda is really significant in both Chinese history and culture.

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  1. Amy


  2. Maggie Guo

    I think it is very interesting how Chinese people view pandas as warrior. In my mind, pandas seem to be something adorable and cute. However, I think it is also very agreeable that they can be seen as strong and powerful animals. Thank you for the great article!

  3. Eric wang

    Great article that taught me a lot! I had no idea that panda meant so much! I thought it was just an animal but no meaning to it, but now I know and I could never guessed that panda meant so much, learned a lot! Great article!

  4. Andrew Zheng

    Great article, I never knew that pandas were symbolized as strength. This article helped a lot in informing me about pandas!

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