What Your Life Line Says About You

Palmistry is the art of predicting one’s future through the lines on one’s hand. A fortune teller can learn a person’s personality, love life, and fortune just by analyzing their hands.
Life Line

Looking at your dominant hand, the line that starts from the edge of your palm between your thumb and forefinger is your life line. Your life line is one of the three major lines in palmistry.
  • No Life Line – This indicates poor health. You are susceptible to diseases.
  • Long – You are highly resistant to diseases. 
  • Short – Similar to having the absence of a life line, you are likely to contract sicknesses.
Thickness and Clarity
  • Wide and Visible – You are likely to be better at sports and are less likely to suffer physical pain.
  • Shallow and Vague – You are open-minded and creative. Your mind is your strong suit.
  • Doubled – If you have a line that runs parallel to your life line, this shows you are resistant to disease and can easily recover after illness. 

  • Chained – If your life line appears to be “chained”, this indicates that you were born with poor health. Specifically, you are likely to have a weaker digestive system.

  • Island – If there is a bubble in the middle of your life line, this indicates an illness or accident in a certain time of your life. The size of the island shows the severity of the accident.

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  1. Ashley Kwak

    Reading about palmistry and what it has to say about your life and health was so interesting! I know that there are many people who read palms and figure out all sorts of things about one’s life. It was very nice to read about how to read one of my palm lines!

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