• Caroline Chen (Editor-in-Chief) is an active and dedicated member of the Chinese community in school and served as President of the Jericho High School chapter of National Chinese Honor Society in 2016-2017. Born into a Chinese family in America, Caroline has been able to taste the best of both worlds— two countries, two languages, two cultures. She is extremely thankful for the wonderful opportunity at school to further sharpen her skills in the language. “Through The Daily China, I hope to share my stories and teach both heritage and non-heritage students around the world to love, appreciate, and accept the Chinese culture!” Articles
  • Wesley Pergament (Editor) is in 10th grade and is currently enrolled in 耶利哥高中的 (Jericho High School’s) Chinese three class with Ms. Song. He started learning the language in elementary and since then, has grown a deep interest over the years. Wesley enjoys enriching his knowledge about China’s elaborate history, culture and current events. This year, he will be attending the trip to China with 杰里科高中 as to further immerse himself in the culture. One day, Wesley hopes to merge his love for Chinese with his interests in science and business. This will enable him to continue learning the complex and intriguing language. As of now, he is very excited to take in as much as he can. Articles

  • Maya Yu (Editor) is in her second year of studying Chinese at 耶利哥高中的Chinese language program.  She passionately studies Chinese and is always interested in learning about the Chinese language and culture. She hopes to one day study abroad over the summer and experience China’s immense beauty. Articles
  • Jason Suh (Editor) is a sophomore and in his second year of studying Chinese at 耶利哥高中 (Jericho High School). He continues to be very passionate about learning Chinese and is always eager to go to his Chinese III class to learn something new. He is a Korean-American student very grateful for his opportunity to study Chinese. He is also extremely grateful to have an opportunity to study Chinese with Mrs. Song and hopes to be able to continue to study Chinese for many years to come! One day, he hopes to be able to travel to China to experience the wonderful culture, people, and history that the country has to offer. Articles

  • Matthew Lecher (Editor) is a 10th Grader and a student in Mrs. Song’s Chinese III class. He has been enthusiastic about studying the Chinese language and culture since he was a young boy. During elementary school, he would run to his weekly culture class with Mrs. Song taking in every character. Now in Chinese III, he strives to master the language through Mrs. Song’s tremendous Chinese curriculum and has had the privilege of hosting a student from Xi’an in February 2017 through an exchange program between the schools. Given his love of the Chinese language, travel and culture, he looks forward to visiting China this October with the Jericho High School Exchange Program and immerse himself in the life and language of the land and share his experience with The Daily China. Articles

  • Michael Pecorara (Writer) is currently studying Chinese in Ms. Song’s Chinese III class at Jericho High School (耶利哥高中). He is currently in his sophomore year at Jericho High School and has been studying Chinese ever since he was in elementary school.  Michael has always enjoyed learning about the different facets of Chinese culture, especially Chinese mythology and Chinese current events. Michael is looking forward to learning about Chinese culture on an in-depth scale when he goes to China in October 2017. He hopes to, one day, have an occupation that incorporates his love for the Chinese language and the Chinese culture. Until then, Michael’s thirst for Chinese culture will ensure that he obtains a full and complete understanding of China. Articles

  • Dylan Swickle (Writer) is a sophomore in Chinese III, in his second year of Chinese. He is always excited to attend Chinese class and learn new things. He is also so excited to go to China and explore the culture and way of life there. Furthermore, he is so thankful for the opportunity he has had to learn so much about a culture so different from his own, as well as learning a different and very interesting language. Articles

  • Nicholas Yum (Writer) is a 10th grade student in Mrs. Song’s Chinese III class. He is currently enrolled in his second year of the Chinese program at Jericho High School (耶利哥高中). He has been studying Chinese since the 7th grade and is completely enamored with the prospect of learning a language as complex as Chinese. Nicholas strives to gain a complete understanding of the Chinese language and hopes to become a fluent speaker in the coming years. He sees The Daily China as a stepping stone towards the mastery of the Chinese language and a higher education or career pertaining to Chinese. Nicholas is thrilled to be a writer and can’t wait to write more articles for the wonderful readers of The Daily China. Articles

  • Hitomi Honda (Writer) is currently a freshman and is taking Chinese II in Jericho High School. Being the daughter of a Japanese father and a Chinese mother, Hitomi decided to pursue Chinese since learning the Chinese characters incorporates learning the Japanese Kanji. With her passion for the Chinese language and rich culture, it was clearly the right choice. She attends the Chinese Cultural Association of Long Island to further explore her interest. In addition to reading and writing Mandarin, she is able to understand Cantonese and Shanghainese. Hitomi is a recipient of the the 2017 Philip A. Fulvi Love of Language Merit Award from the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers. She was nominated by her Chinese teacher last year for her achievements in school and extracurricular activities. Happy to be a part of The Daily China, Hitomi is looking forward to contributing her knowledge and insights to everyone. Articles

  • Shu Xiao Qin (Writer) is currently a 10th grader enrolled in the AP Chinese class. She moved to the United States from China since 5th grade. She enjoys learning new languages. Furthermore, she can speak 4 languages fluently such as Korean, Chinese, English and is still learning French. Tina loves the culture and history of China, she hopes that in the future she may have a career associated with the Chinese culture. Articles

  • Avery Porges (Video Editor) is currently a sophomore in 耶利哥高中, who’s been studying Chinese since Elementary School. He is also happens to be very passionate in video production, so he joined The Daily China team to help create a different form of entertainment. This year, he will be going to China, and will document everything he sees there. After, he will be thrilled to continue to produce content for this website for people to enjoy. Videos
  • Stephanie Cen (Writer) is a sophomore that is currently studying Chinese at 耶利哥高中. She started studying Chinese in elementary school and has pushed herself to become more advanced in the language ever since. She is very passionate, not only about the culture, but also about the expression of Chinese culture in Jericho. She, along with many other writers of The Daily China, has also traveled to Beijing and Xi’an for the exchange program. This amazing experience has greatly increased her passion for Chinese literature and culture. In addition, she hopes to express Chinese culture through other forms besides writing, such as, art, dance, music, and games. Articles
  • Stephanie Arzanipour (Social Media Coordinator) is in 11th grade and is currently enrolled in 耶利哥高中的 (Jericho High School’s) Chinese 3 class with Ms. Song. She started taking the language in 9th grade and has become fascinated with both the language and the culture over the years. Stephanie is very tech savvy and loves to show off the amazing articles written by our editors by keeping our Instagram updated with the latest news on TDC articles. In the future, Stephanie hopes to become a doctor and hopes to use the Chinese language in order to work with people who move from China. She is also quadrilingual which means that she could help people from various backgrounds! Continuing to speak Chinese will only help Stephanie’s love for the language and culture grow even more, but at the moment she is thrilled to be part of TDC family! Instagram
  • Jennifer Lin (Writer) is a 10th grader in the Chinese III class at Jericho High School. Coming from a Chinese-Amcan family, studying Chinese at school has been a way for Jennifer to trace back her roots and learn more about her culture. In Chinese III, Jennifer has pushed herself to do work at Chinese IV levels and above, which is reflected in her writing. Outside of school, Jennifer is a active member of Chinese Honor Society and the Chinese Association of Jericho. She hopes that through learning more about Chinese culture, she can better prepare herself for today’s globalizing society.
  • The Daily China Alumni


    (Graduated 2016) Cole Pergament (Founder) was one of Jericho High School’s National Chinese Honor Society Presidents and a 100,000 Strong Student Ambassador through the Asia Society. Cole sought to evoke a strong sense of language connection among his peers through this publication. Chinese has continually bestowed in him a growing comprehension of culture and worldly interest. Cole’s passion began in the classroom and ever since, he has been zealous about his study of the language and culture. Currently, Cole is studying at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

  • (Graduated 2016) Nicole Chen (Editor) served as treasurer of Jericho’s National Chinese Honor Society. She has a strong passion for language and culture and hopes to inspire others to engage deeper into the Chinese culture. “The Daily China hopes to guide you down the road to further understanding the Chinese culture with popular idioms, saying, and personal experiences!” Nicole is currently studying at New York University Stern School of Business.
  • IMG_0795(Graduated 2016) Keanna Ghazvini (Editor) served as one Presidents of Jericho’s National Chinese Honor Society. She was also one of the few non-heritage speakers in her AP Chinese class at杰里科高中. Keanna was nominated through the Asia Society to represent the 100K Strong Presidential Initiative as a Student Ambassador. “Through this blog, I am more than certain that you will become fully immersed into the Chinese Language and Culture and share your knowledge amongst your peers!” Keanna is currently studying at Lehigh University.
  • (Graduated 2016) Jack Josephy (Editor) was an active member in and treasurer of the National Chinese Honor Society at Jericho High School. Throughout the years, Jack has sought to further his fervor for China’s culture and language through participation in national speech contests for non-heritage Chinese students. He thoroughly enjoys studying Chinese on a daily basis and developing his fluidity. “My aim is to make the beautiful Chinese language and culture more accessible to my peers through this newly inspired blog. Hopefully, we can evoke the same strong feelings of Chinese pride in you!” Jack is currently studying at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.
  • (Graduated 2016) Tyler Futterman (Media Coordinator) was an active member of the National Chinese Honor Society. Tyler has attended the UPenn Startalk Program and the Startalk Program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He has an immense desire to learn how to speak Chinese fluently. Tyler hopes that one day his Chinese will be as cohesive as his native tongue, English. “I hope that on The Daily China, my photographs will help to inspire people and further promote the Chinese culture across America by showing the American people my passion for the Chinese language and culture!” Tyler is currently studying at Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Ken Xiong (Writer) is one of TDC’s newest writers. Ken exhibits a level of maturity that is rare among high school students. Ken is linguistically and culturally astute and loves to share his knowledge with students who desire to learn. He is currently in his fourth year of the Chinese language program at 杰里科高中.
  • (Graduated 2017) Abigail Goldman (Writer) has an insatiable passion for the Chinese language and greatly appreciates the Chinese culture as well. Abigail is currently in her fourth year of the Chinese language program at 杰里科高中. Abigail is currently studying at Vassar College.
  • fullsizerender-1(Graduated 2017) Alanna Adler (Writer) is in her fourth year of studying Chinese culture and language at Jericho High School. She is the Vice President of the Chinese Honor Society at Jericho and is very passionate about the Chinese culture and language. Alanna loves going to Chinese class to learn new ways to improve her tone, writing, and communication skills. She has been an active member in Chinese Honor Society, participating in Diversity Day, International Night, World Language Week, Homecoming, and Eggroll and Dumpling Day, which was Jericho’s first Chinese talent show with other Chinese programs from high schools on Long Island. Alanna is super enthusiastic about the Chinese language and is excited to continue studying it after she graduates high school. She will hopefully study abroad in China one day. Alanna is currently studying at the University of Miami.
  • Daryn Naiburg-Smith (Writer) is currently a Junior at Jericho High School. She has been taking Chinese for three years and loves sharing her knowledge on The Daily China. Chinese is such a useful and beautiful language that she can’t wait to use in the years to come!

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